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Web Development


In the age of the Internet, creating a high-quality and successful website is an integral part of any activity. Proof of the success of a web resource is high attendance, conversion, demand for goods and services, and the presence of feedback from visitors.

Creating a quality and successful website does not require spending a lot of money, it’s enough to know the basic secrets of the efficiency of modern web resources.

Simple and clear

One of the most important and basic criteria for the success of any Internet portal is simplicity and clarity. The modern user does not have to think for a long time. He should quickly and easily get answers to all his questions.

The main task of developers – is to create a simple and understandable for visitors resource that does not make them break their heads. Only in this case, visitors will not leave the site in search of another, more accessible one.

The entire hierarchy of elements on the website should be very simple. The design should also not be overloaded with unnecessary elements.

Content design

The main purpose of the visitor to the website – is information. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention to it when developing and optimizing a web resource. The quality of the information provided should always be at the highest level, as well as the design of the content.

Working with content on the website, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the interaction of the user with the web resource. Visitors of the websites often just scan the information, not read it. It is important to be able to focus their attention on what matters. To do this, you can use special “hooks”: subheadings, bulleted lists, and highlighting a different type of font.

If the user needs to convey a lot of information, break the text into separate parts. Use the “pyramid principle”, according to which the most important information is located in the beginning, then comes its transcription and explanation.

It is important to correctly provide visitors with all the necessary information about the company, its activities, and its services. The text can and should be supplemented with thematic images, illustrations, infographics, and videos.

Marketing basics

Business and marketing are in close interaction. In the process of developing websites, it is necessary to take this into consideration. Attracting and managing the visitor’s attention is an important aspect of marketing.

Effective marketing strategies must be used to successfully attract the target audience and keep them on the website. One such strategy is the AIDA model. It is a 4-step chain:

  • attracting the attention of users,
  • attracting the interest of users,
  • creating desire in users,
  • taking action by users.

This model and all the basic principles of marketing are built on attracting the attention of the target audience of the website, interesting it, and motivating it to action.

How do order development in our agency?

Creation of sites – the main activity of the company “Revenco Agency”. Therefore, the company can confidently guarantee its customers high-quality services and further technical support for the website. The development service includes a full range of services to create a website or development “turn-key”.

You can order the development in the agency in several ways:

  1. You need to choose the required type of development in the “Services” section and fill in the form on the opened page.
  2. Use the special form “Online request” in the upper right corner of the site and fill in all the required fields.
  3. Order a call back from the company on the website. Enter your name and phone number and expect a call from the expert.