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Promotion of new websites – a topic that is always relevant, especially today, when the creation of their web projects tends to both large corporations and small firms. If you are the happy owner of a virtual resource, which you created yourself or ordered in the studio, do not forget about the need for its competent promotion at the stages of launch.

No matter how expensive and attractive your web resource is, it will not attract enough visitors without professional promotion in the popular search engines Google. Search engines need to know that your site is functional, safe, and user-friendly. Only such web resources get to the first positions in search results.

Promotion is a rather complicated process for new projects because search engines have special requirements for them. Let’s find out what you need for successful promotion in popular search engines.

How to promote a new website?

The promotion of a new website is recommended to start with a thorough analysis and competent phased planning. Only after a detailed analysis of the market, competitors and the needs of the target audience is worth drafting TOR with a detailed list of works to launch the resource.

The primary tasks will be such as:

      *Selecting the semantic core;
       *Internal optimization;
       *Creating and posting high-quality content;
       *Building an external reference mass;
       *Improvement of various behavioral factors.
All these works are carried out taking into account the requirements and specifics of search engines.

3 Stages of promotion of a new website

In promoting the new website, special attention should be paid to internal optimization. So let’s start to consider it in detail:

Internal website optimization

Even for old sites, regular refinement and improvement are necessary for stable operation and good rankings in search engine results. Start optimizing a new site should be with the distribution of key queries on its pages. It is better to use low-frequency or medium-frequency queries.

The main work to be carried out at this stage:

Search and elimination of errors links leading to non-existent pages, and pages with the same content;

Сhecking texts for uniqueness and replacing non-unique material with authorial;

Writing appropriate descriptions and title tags;

Proper placement of headings H2 and H3 with the placement of key queries;

Adding the alt attribute to images;

Вevelopment of sitemap;

Creation robots.txt;

Linking in the articles on the site;

Adding a resource in the service webmaster and Google;

Adaptation for various devices and smartphones.

This is not all the work that includes effective SEO promotion of a new website, however, the minimum for the successful start of the project. Conducting optimization of the web resource will be required regularly. All pages to be modified in the future should be optimized. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to immediately contact professional studios to ensure the site’s stable development.

High-quality content

The content for a young site must be unique and useful. Only high-quality texts will help to quickly promote a new project and gain the necessary audience.
The more interesting and useful your website is, the better it will rank in search engines, and the more visitors will be attracted to it. Maintaining the resource at a constant, stable level will help accelerate its ranking in search engines.
Articles, reviews, images, and videos posted on the website should be of high quality, unique, and useful to users. The frequency of updates also has an important role to play.

Systematic increase of links

For a new website, link building is an essential and very important process. However, you should buy links only from reliable and trusted resources, so as not to be sanctioned by search engines.
Here are a few tips to help you safely build your link mass:

1) Register only in white directories of sites.

2) Place information about your web resource in directories of organizations.

3) Register at least one high-quality and unique article in article directories.

4) Take part in large ratings.

These methods will help to get external links legally and safely. They are recommended even by the search engines like Google. Quality links from reliable sources are great for the fast promotion of any web resource.

To effectively promote young sites today it is simply necessary to have pages and groups on social networks. It is important to add interesting and relevant content to the groups, update them regularly, increase the number of subscribers and maintain their interest. The Google search engine evaluates social network promotion very positively. To find the social network preferred by your audience, you can find similar thematic groups in it.

To promote your group, make reposts from other popular communities with similar themes. This way you can increase the link mass and speed up the process of indexing the website.

Improve behavioral factors

Today’s search engine algorithm focuses on analyzing user experience. Uncomfortable and boring websites are left without visitors.

There are quite a few custom factors for the promotion of new websites. We recommend considering a few of the main ones:

  1. The total amount of time a person spends on the website;
  2. types of interaction;
  3. the number of bounces;
  4. visitor activity

Improving the behavioral factors to promote new websites will help in all the ways we wrote about above, except buying external links. The main purpose of optimization – is to create a convenient, useful, and interesting for visitors website. It is important to adapt it for different types of devices.

What not to do in the promotion of a new website

To know how to successfully promote the new site, you must first understand what actions should not be committed, in order not to ruin the resource that is already in the early stages of development:

  • Inappropriate distribution of keywords on the pages of the website. Each page needs an individual keyword phrase for which it will be optimized. If you are promoting a new website in a region, don’t forget to add keywords with the name of that city. Use the correct Title and Description tags in titles and articles.
  • Low-quality texts. Be sure to monitor the quality of the texts on the site. All articles must be optimized for relevant queries.
  • Low page load speed. If your site is slow to load, it will have a large number of drop-downs and will rank lower in search engines.
  • A lot of advertising on the website. At the initial stages of launching the project is not worth trying to make money on advertising. First, the website should gain a turnover and audience, firmly established in the search engine results.

These errors not only affect the new website, but also the already promoted resources. But for a new project with such a set, the risk of falling under sanctions from search engines is much higher.


Promoting a new web project can be successful only with the knowledge of all the details. Therefore, it is better to entrust the creation, launch, and promotion of a new website to professionals who will approach the process with knowledge.

Revenco Agency of more than 10 years specializes in the development, launch, and promotion of web projects of different complexity levels. We offer you to order competent promotion of young website in Revenco Agency on favorable terms with guaranteed results. We will carry out all the necessary work and provide detailed advice on the further operation of the resource.

 Do not forget that work with the site should be carried out regularly. It should be constantly improved and optimized. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the content posted. Reject the gray and illegal ways of promotion, so as not to fall under the filter or a ban from search engines.

If the site is not yet finalized for promotion, it is better to close it from indexing in robots.txt. So you can protect it from serious checks of search engines with their high demands.