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How SEO content marketing drives sales and revenue

Planning your next content marketing campaign should focus more on how than whether you will use an SEO content strategy. Any content marketing effort must include SEO because it may be a great source of visitors, sales, and leads. As a result, you should take your SEO strategy into account for all of your content creation.

If you’re not familiar with SEO, don’t be deterred by technical phrases like backlink analysis, HTTP, and basic web vitals. In reality, SEO is one of the most straightforward and affordable content marketing techniques accessible, and while it’s constantly changing, the core components never change. In order for search engines like Google to identify your website and send visitors to your important landing pages whenever they are appropriate, your content must be optimized as part of an SEO plan.

In this article, we’ll go over particular SEO content methods that are most likely to increase conversion rates and sales as well as how you may employ SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to support your content marketing strategy. Continue reading to learn the advantages of producing content to secure organic traffic if you want to succeed in a sea of rivals.

What is an SEO content strategy?

You may already have a clear notion of the kinds of content you’ll produce to promote your upcoming release if you’ve developed a content marketing strategy to market a new good or service. How will you ensure that potential customers find your content? Obviously, with an SEO content plan! By putting into practice a strong SEO content strategy, you’ll not only make it easier for search engines to locate your key landing pages, but you’ll also encourage them to show your content on the results pages, where it will be seen by prospects who are actively looking for the keywords associated with the products or services you’re trying to market.

You’ll have a far better chance of drawing in new traffic because every landing page or blog post you produce will be optimized to rank highly in the search engine results. Additionally, if you are using the appropriate short- and long-tail keywords, the traffic you receive will likely be relevant and ready for conversion. Let’s get started and talk about how to achieve it. Creating content with SEO in mind will undoubtedly have a huge impact on all of your marketing platforms. The following will be covered in this post:

  • The importance of keyword research and finding users with the right search intent
  • Creating an effective SEO content strategy across different funnel stages
  • Using link building and internal links to augment your SEO strategy

What are keywords and how do I use them?

A search engine like Google will check for keywords when evaluating the results because they are precise terms related to the goods or services you provide. You must undertake keyword research to uncover phrases that are pertinent to your products and particular web pages. Although there are several helpful tools for conducting keyword research, including SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz, organizations who are new to SEO and content marketing may find it helpful to work with an established firm. Revenco Agency Beginner’s Guide To SEO provides some insightful information about choosing the appropriate short- and long-tail keywords for your core conversion pages.

After conducting your study, the next step is to link a core keyword, as well as occasionally supporting keywords, to particular web pages or other content on your website, such as a lengthy blog post. Your SEO plan will start to take shape in this way: after matching keywords to every page of your website, you can start producing content that is specifically geared toward what your target audience is searching for. This methodical content strategy will eventually provide organic traffic to each optimized webpage and blog post, enabling you to keep improving by tracking how visitors interact with your site and whether they convert.

Creating a powerful SEO content marketing strategy: Using personas

It pays to be precise even if you already know who you want to target with your content marketing plan. If you want your content to be seen by potential customers who will convert and take action, you must first understand your target demographic and how they behave online.

Revenco.Agency has discovered that developing marketing personas through workshops we hold with our clients is the best approach to accomplish this. Personas in this context are computer-generated representations of the types of customers most likely to be interested in the goods or services you’re promoting. If you offer running shoes, for instance, you may choose several buyer personas that you believe might be interested in your products:

  • Persona #1: A young female professional who lives in central London and likes to run after work.
  • Persona #2: A retired man who lives in the suburbs and likes to run once a week.

With this knowledge, you can begin to build your content and SEO strategy and decide what kinds of material will convert each of your target personas the most effectively.

  • Persona #1 might have less time to carry out extensive research given her lifestyle, so might prefer to read a short blog post that provides information about why she should choose one brand of running shoes over another.
  • Persona #2 will likely have more time to spare, which means he would prefer to read long-form articles that include a little more detail.

You must revisit your keyword research and take into account your ranking opportunities once you have determined which content kinds will work best for each of your personas. While optimizing for phrases with a large search volume can be alluring, these terms are typically very competitive, making it challenging to see the fruits of your labor in a timely manner. A page or blog post will typically have a greater chance of ranking highly in the search engine results if the key phrase or long-tail keyword has a smaller search volume.

The marketing funnel: Developing an SEO strategy for prospects at each stage

Assess where your target market is in your marketing funnel now that you are clear on who they are. The kinds of SEO content you produce depend heavily on how near your target audience is to completing a purchase.

  • Will you be targeting prospects who are still in the awareness stage who are just looking to become more educated about a specific product or service?
  • Will you be targeting prospects who are beginning to research and look at different options before making a purchase?
  • Will you be targeting prospects who are close to making a purchase?

The kinds of primary and associated keywords you should use when you write content will depend on how you identify these stages. Additionally, by using the precise keyword phrase as a guide while creating your interesting content, you can make sure that the knowledge you are giving your prospects is always pertinent to them and their objectives.

Content for prospects at the awareness stage

At the awareness stage, prospects are only starting to express interest and will use search engines to learn more. To use the running shoe example once more, a person who is new to running and wants to learn more about purchasing the appropriate equipment may search something like:

  • Why should I buy running shoes?
  • Are running shoes necessary?
  • Are running shoes expensive?

Your material must address these concerns when addressing prospects at this point. You might, for instance, produce a blog post or an article that addresses these issues without including any direct sales tactics. Instead of using sales messaging, you might use internal links to send prospects to your landing page, where they can browse the site and get to know your company better. By guiding visitors along the sales journey, internal linking is a terrific strategy to keep SEO traffic on your site for as long as possible.

Content for prospects at the research stage

Your potential customers are actively looking at several brands to locate a pair of running shoes that meet their wants and their budget at this point. They already know they want to buy a pair of running shoes. They might inquire the following in order to accomplish this:

  • What is the best brand of running shoes?
  • What brand of running shoes is the best value for money?
  • How much should I spend on running shoes?

At this point, your content should concentrate on addressing these issues and demonstrating that your brand offers the greatest solution. Prospects in this stage of the marketing funnel may be the trickiest because you have to convince them to choose you over your rivals.

Creating content that is fully optimized to appear on search engine ranking pages and later guiding the user to understand your primary USPs will make or break a conversion at this stage. Customers frequently choose the company with the highest ranking without looking elsewhere, just out of convenience and speed. It is at this point that your extensive SEO talents will be put to the test.

Content for prospects at the purchasing stage

At this point, potential customers are virtually rushing (or, in this case, strolling) to the checkout counter. They simply require one more push to convert. Even though people will now be familiar with your brand, they might still have some queries that your on-page SEO expertise can help you address, for example in an optimized FAQ section. These inquiries may cover:

  • How long do X brand of running shoes take to arrive?
  • Do I need to buy any additional items?
  • Do these shoes come with a warranty?

Your main hurdle at this stage is your competitors, so make sure that your content provides better, more informed answers that will lead your prospects to make the final conversion.

Augment your SEO strategy with link building

As long as other marketing pillars complement your content marketing approach, it will work wonders for your company. The process of creating content with relevant keywords is essential, but external and internal linking can increase traffic and help you achieve SEO success.

Think about internal linking as a way to assist people get additional information when optimizing your web pages. Regarding outside links, digital PR experts may assist you in developing connections with certain blogs (or other services-related websites) that will be able to link to your website in a high-quality way. You will rank higher in organic search results if your backlink profile is strong since Google will recognize the improved authority of your site. Learn more about link building and digital PR here.

Our final tip: Stay consistent with your content strategy

To make sure that prospects can always discover you when they are looking for specific terms in the search engines, it’s imperative to continuously developing and scheduling SEO content, whether you’re introducing a new product or service or simply wanting to perform better in the organic search results.

Organizing a frequent SEO review across your site is essential if you want to align your content strategy with Google’s algorithm, which is always being updated. As your company expands, think about making an investment in SEO tools and monitoring key indicators in Google Analytics so you can analyze your SEO approach. In order to consistently produce posts each month and incorporate them with your social media marketing activities, we also advise employing a content schedule. Your pages’ chances of being found by search engines increase as you provide more pertinent material.

SEO content strategy

The Revenco.Agency pays great attention to coordinating these activities whenever it’s possible because SEO and content marketing are essentially linked. Hopefully this blog has taught you that in order to generate content that will drive conversions on your site, it is crucial to select the correct keywords (with an achievable search volume), explore your personas, and determine where your prospects are along the marketing funnel. You will have direct support from our content strategy professionals in all of these workstreams and more. We’ll assist you with conducting crucial research as well as creating a wonderful SEO content plan that will elevate your company to its proper position in the search results!

Book a FREE consultation with one of our Revenco.Agency specialists if you’re wanting to improve your content marketing campaign with SEO to increase sales and revenue. We’ll explain how we can help you achieve your business goals through effective, optimized content development.



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