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Web Development


In search engines, you can find a huge number of web resources of the same type, made by the same templates with similar functionality and structure. Even the descriptions of goods and services on such sites have a similar structure.

 That is why website owners want to attract the attention of the audience and sell their products and services, so the service is necessary to develop a website for businesses, in other words – selling a web resource. It is such a website, provided that its creation will be entrusted to professionals who know their business and will help bring your business to the next level.

 A selling website for the business is a web resource that increases sales on the Internet. The main purpose of this resource is to encourage potential customers to take targeted actions, register on the site, send online applications, and make orders.

Types of selling websites for businesses

Landing Page

This is a one-page web resource explicitly created to attract users to the main company website. In addition, developing a landing page can be an excellent platform to promote some new product or service on the web. This page contains the most attractive and important information about the product, which motivates the visitor to make a purchase.

In addition to the offerer on the main screen of such a website you can see the following blocks:

  • basic information about the product;
  • the benefits of the product;
  • reviews about it;
  • operation procedure;
  • certificates;
  • and so on.

Sections may be different, but their main task is to present the product in the best image, to tell about its advantages and specifics to attract as many potential customers as possible. Don’t forget about promotions, which should be on such a page to encourage a potential customer to leave a request or make a purchase.

Presentation Website

The services of creating websites for business include the development of a business card site, which will be a virtual presentation of the company on the network. Usually, the business card is made of only a few pages, which contain:

  • basic information about the business, the company;
  • information about goods and services;
  • prices;
  • forms of feedback;
  • contacts.

This information is enough for all interested users to place an order.

Corporate website

This resource is developed for an image component, presentation, and advertising of a particular product or service. Its goal is to attract the attention of visitors to the product or service.

The development of a corporate website is not overloaded with unnecessary information and the main focus is on:

  • exclusive design,
  • professional photographs,
  • animations,
  • content.

The resource attracts attention with its brightness and authenticity. Visitors get the impression as if they have seen the product in person. And countdown timers, which are often placed on such resources, further stimulate the potential buyer to make an order.

Online store

The development of the online store is conducted with the most complex structure compared to all other types of selling web resources. It contains many products which can be distributed in separate catalogs. Any product can be added to the cart and paid for. Special functionality is also developed for these facilities.

For convenience, the store website offers a personal account where you can monitor the location of your order, availability of goods, promotions, and bonuses.

Stages of developing a selling website

The service of creating a website for businesses in our agency involves several basic steps, the implementation of which allows us to run quality and reliable selling websites for our customers.

Rival analysis

Before creating a website for a business, the developer must carefully analyze the client’s competitors and their services. The main goal of analyzing competitors’ resources is to find the most effective techniques and features that make it possible to successfully sell products. In addition, it is important to analyze the market and the needs of the customer’s target audience.

Writing the ToR

To create a requirements specification, developers need to get from the customer all the necessary data for the successful development and promotion of the resource. Therefore, it is important even at the initial stages of work to collect from the customer the following information:

  • the benefits of his business or goods,
  • the full range of services,
  • the history and values of the company.


For the customer to understand at the initial stages of the work what his future website will look like, an interactive prototype is created. With its help, you can correct possible errors and adjust the structure of the future website without any costs or losses.

Structure of the website

A competently designed site structure assumes a clear and orderly arrangement of its pages on the developer’s predetermined scheme. The structure in this case is often called a hierarchy.

The structure allows you to determine the number of pages that will be on the website, and how quickly the user can find the necessary information and move from one page to another.

Website design

The design of the website should be consistent with its specificity, and the products and services promoted. If your site is dedicated to construction topics, do not copy the design resources on devices or science. Choose a design based on the specifics and characteristics of a business, market analysis, and the needs of the target audience.


For a selling website content plays an important role. That is why it is developed in the first place. Only after creating, discussing, and approving the content can you begin to develop the design and structure of the web resource.

The logo and corporate identity

The basis of promotion and marketing sites for any business is a logo, as well as the development of corporate identity – they act as the “face” of the company in the network and create a unique image for customers, which is associated with the company for which it was developed.

Corporate identity for any organization is created from such elements as:

  • company symbols,
  • company colors,
  • unique font,
  • logo.

All these elements should be guided by the overall concept of the company, match its style and identify its unique qualities.


Unique and beautiful fonts on the site play an important role in attracting and retaining the attention of the audience. Choose fonts that match the theme of the resource. Don’t forget that not all fonts can display correctly on different devices and browsers.

As a rule, developers choose one or two fonts for created websites. Using more different fonts will not inspire user confidence in your resource.

Color combination

For each website, designers select a unique color palette, which contains the corporate colors of the company. It is important that the unity of design and the same combination of colors is maintained in everything, from the design of the website to printed promotional products for the customer’s company.

It is important to consider that each color, as well as their combinations, causes certain emotions in a person. That’s why it is necessary to select the color palette in such a way that it emphasizes the specifics of the customer or his products, and evokes an associative series in consumers.

Adaptive version

Today it’s hard to imagine designing or promoting a website without creating and launching its adaptive version. Especially relevant is such a version for resources focused on the sale of goods and services.

The vast majority of the target audience of any modern business are users of mobile devices. And it is from smartphones or tablets that your potential clients look for goods or order various services.

A quality modern website must have an adaptive version, which will be equally correctly displayed both on large computer or laptop screens and on the smallest screens of smartphones. It is important that all elements of the site when loaded on a smartphone remain in place and do not move anywhere.

Instead of a conclusion

A sales website is an important tool for selling services and products on the Internet. Any modern business that wants to grow and develop seeks to have an individual website with its products, detailed description, and the ability to buy products online.

Only professionals who know effective methods of promotion, as well as ways to gain the trust and loyalty of clients to your product, can be trusted to create a website for sale.

Our agency has specialized in the creation, launching, and promotion of various types of selling web resources for more than 10 years. Therefore you can safely order the development of a website for business in the Revenco Agency if your purpose is to increase sales and increase profits.

You can order the development of the site on our website. You can also call us on the phone numbers listed on the website or write in messengers. Managers will answer all your questions and help you choose the best type of site and tariff for its creation. You can see examples of our work in our portfolio.